Amber | A Glamour Photoshoot with Erin Martin Photography

Amber | A Glamour Photoshoot

August 31, 2019

Amber came to my Studio in Coral Springs for a Glamour Photoshoot. When I first met Amber at her consultation and we started bouncing ideas back and forth, I just KNEW I had to work with her. You will get to see some of the fun looks we did.

We started off by getting some updated headshot-styled images. I love her white top. The neckline is especially beautiful and classic, but her smile is what ties it all together.

One thing I love seeing during a Glamour Photoshoot  is confidence pouring out from the woman standing before me. However, Amber was confident from the very start. One of my favorite images from this photoshoot is of her in the black dress with the wind blowing in her hair.

Her confidence also made it super easy to include one of her favorite pastimes in the glamour photoshoot. Can you tell by the helmet in her images that it is dirt biking? She definitely has a heart of adventure.

We also incorporated some boudoir images for her as well. Most women are nervous about doing a boudoir or glamour photoshoot. But Amber was confident and comfortable in her own skin.

She really nailed the black lingerie look in our vintage set-up. To be honest, this is one of my favorite set-ups in the studio because it looks amazing and timeless. We can do a variety of boudoir poses here that are both sexy and classy.

I want to say a huge thank you to Amber for taking the time and effort to make this Glamour photoshoot so memorable. It was nice to see the different sides of you.

If you are interested in a Glamour Photography Session, you can contact me through my website or call me at 954-512-4449 to schedule a complimentary consultation at my Coral Springs Studio.

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