Erin Martin Newborn Photography and a Doula Experience

Erin Martin Newborn Photography and a Doula Experience

December 3, 2018

Birth of a goddess – A doula you can trust!

Maternal love is a concept that is almost impossible to describe with words.

It is a feeling that can only be experienced deep inside. It makes a woman rejoice, looking into the eyes of her child, experiencing a mixed emotional wonderment for the being she had been carrying under her heart.

She has felt every movement within herself and this life inside her, and with it – joy and happiness.

The pain at childbirth did not dull her feelings, but, on the contrary, strengthened them.
She was motivated by the desire to meet the long-awaited baby as soon as possible.

When a baby is born, a mother is born.
Birth is a physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.
Everything has a new perspective.
This new life becomes the most important thing in your life.

However you give birth… at home or in the hospital, in water, with or without an epidural, a cesarean… it is always a monumental miracle!

It is the Birth of You as a Mother. A Family.

It should always be your choice. You should be supported, loved & nurtured.
So no matter what your Birth Plan, a Doula is there to help Educate & Support you & your partner.

Most women go into birth really wanting to be engaged in their birthing process. Through our services, at Birth of a Goddess, we are fully involved in the initiation, pregnancy, and delivery bring to a woman, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Supporting women and their significant other through the birthing process provides our services to be authentic in understanding the relationship dynamics between parents to be and birthing facilities and the birth team.

This is essential to the foundation of birth and delivery. Birth of a Goddess takes exceptional care in making sure your birth and delivery unfold in a way that speaks to the vision in your heart.


Headshot by Erin Martin Photography.


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